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LED Lighting

Linear lamp, imported chip, high brightness, long life,
good stability, good color consistency;
The colloid injection inside the lamp can not only play a waterproof function,
but also has a good heat dissipation capacity;
LED lamp bead manufacturers optional.

LED Illumination

Use linear lamp, high light transmittance,
uniform light, good linearity;
Beautiful appearance, high-end, and versatile, cost-effective;
Product length specifications, shell color can be customized.

LED Sign

Adopt module and soft strip series products,
soft strip can be properly bent,
high brightness and luminous efficiency;
Good attenuation performance, long service life of the chip;
Excellent weather resistance and UV resistance;
Module light pearl source with full color patch LED warranty 5 years.

LED Screen/ Display

The use of LED strip, Blue view first high voltage
power strip to solve the industry pain points,
covering almost all lamp strip product types on the market.
Autonomous secondary light distribution lens, large Angle light and uniform,
more intelligent dimming, widely used in airports, subways,
buses and commercial advertising light boxes.

Industrial Devices

To provide LED intelligent lighting overall solution,
we have intelligent power production R & D system,
independent intellectual property hardware control system,
independent intellectual property software operating system
and their own controllable industrial chain.

Lighting Illumination Sign Screen Devices